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PLEASE NOTE:  This page is graphics instensive!  Items you see here in our Sold Warehouse are pieces we have had but are NO LONGER available; they have been sold.  They are moved from our regular web site to this page for your reference and viewing enjoyment.  To view Heywood-Wakefield items available for sale, go to Heywood-Wakefield.

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Vanity Bench: #M587, circa 1953 RARE Pier Cabinet: #M528, circa 1952-54 Skyliner Dresser Encore Double Chest: #M532, circa 1954-55 Pair Encore Night Stands: #M1538, circa 1958-59 Kohinoor Vanity Bench: #M147, circa 1949-51 Pair Encore Night Stands: #M1528, circa 1956-66 Heywood-Wakefield Nesting Tables #M312G Dropleaf Dining Table: #M1566G, circa 1956 Heywood Wakefield Encore Twin Beds Victory Pier Cabinet Encore Double 6-Drawer Dresser: #M1534, circa 1958-59 Credenza with Glass-Top Hutch: #M198 on M196, circa 1950 Crown Glass China on Server: #M1545 on M1541, circa 1956 Pier Cabinet: #M528, circa 1952-54 Corner Table: #M339G, circa 1949 Chest Bookcase Combination: #C3545, circa 1939-40 Round Cocktail Table: #M1508; circa 1957-66 RARE Console Extension Table: #C3716G, circa 1940 Large Crown Glass China on Buffet: #M1547 on M1543, circa 1956-65 Kohinoor Mr. & Mrs. Dresser: #M144, circa 1949-51Swedish Modern Dresser Hunt Table Encore Starter Desk Cloverleaf Table Large Cocktail Table with Drawer: #M1585G, circa 1956-57 Skyliner Nightstand: #C3568, circa 1939-40 Rio Nightstands: #C3798, circa 1943-44 Sculptura Twin Beds: #M770, circa 1952-59 RARE Encore Pier Cabinets (Pair): #M528, circa 1952-54 Encore Starter Chest with Desk Drawer: #M934, circa 1954 RARE Oblong Cocktail Table with Top Drawer: #C3717G, circa 1940-42 Niagara Nightstand: #C3928, circa 1941-42 Kohinoor Night Stands: #M148, circa 1949-51 Tambour Front 4-Drawer Chest: #M178, circa 1947-48Tambour Front 4-Drawer Chest: #M178, circa 1947-48 Pier Cabinet: #C3544, circa 1939-40 End Table: #391G, circa 1950-52 RARE Utility Case with Open Hutch Top:  #M785 on #M782, circa 1953-54 Cameo Nightstand: #C3728X, circa 1940-42 Cameo Night Stand Dogbone 	Bed: #M530, circa 1950-53. Desk Chest Bookcase:  #C3586, circa 1940. Utility Case with Open Hutch Top:  #M785 on #M782, circa 1953-54RARE Vanity Desk: #M926, 1954-56Cameo 4-Drawer Chest: #C3722X, circa  1941-42 Aristocraft Sectional Sofa:  Consisting of one each #CM388 LC and #CM388 RC Arm Chairs and two #CM388 Single Fillers, circa 1950-53 Small Kneehole Desk:  #C3978W, circa 1941-44 Briar Wood HW Desk with White Formica Top Step End Table: #M336G, circa 1949-50 Revolving Cocktail Table:  #306G, circa 1947-55 RARE Table Desk: #M327, circa 1950-54 Set of 4 Chairs: #M554A, circa 1953-55 Oval Double Pedestal Extension Table:  #786G, circa 1952-55 Credenza with Triple China Top:  #M509 on #M593, circa 1953 Sculptura 5-Drawer Chest: #M792, circa 1952-59 Kohinoor Double Bed, Complete:  #M140, circa 1949-51 Aristocraft Arm Chair:  #CM388C, circa 1950-53 Nesting Tables: #M312G, circa 1949-53 RARE End Table:  #M391G, circa 1950-52 Cocktail Table:  #M1571, made only in 1956 Aristocraft Arm Chairs:  #CM927C, circa 1954-66 Davenport Sofa and Arm Chair:   #M332-68 and #M330C, circa 1948-50 Cabinet Bookcase:  #M326, circa 1952-61 End Table:   #C3719G, circa 1940-42 Corner Table: #M339G, circa 1949 Triple Pedestal (Whalebone) Table and Set of 6 Chairs Drop-Leaf (Gateleg) Dining Table:  #M166G, circa 1947-55 Corner Cabinet: #C3348, circa 1938-39 Cabinet Utility Headboard with Built-in Nightstands: #M780, circa 1952-55 Cabinet Utility Headboard with Built-in Nightstands: #M780, circa 1952-55 Sculptura 9-Drawer (Triple) Dresser:  #M779, circa  1952-59 RARE Chest Mirror: #M923,  circa 1954-55 Encore 3-Drawer Dresser: #M511, circa 1948-50 Square X-Base Cocktail Table:  M392G, circa 1950-55 Ashcraft Magazine Table Record Cabinet End Table:  #M395, circa  1951-52 Large Kneehole Desk and Dogbone Chair:  #M320, designed by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, circa 1950-65 RARE Small Size Tambour Front 4-Drawer Chest: #M177, circa 1947-48 Open View End Tables:  #M791G, circa 1952-53 Large Cocktail Table:  #M795G, circa 1953-55 Tambour Buffet: #M1542, circa 1958-59 Kohinoor Nightstands: #M148,  circa 1949-51 Kohinoor Dresser with Deck Top:  #M149 on M141, circa 1949-51 Rio Revolving Vanity Pouffe: #C3797, circa 1943-44 Harmonic Drop-Leaf Extension Table:  #M989, circa 1954-55 Corner Bookcase:   #C3971 circa 1941-44 Cocktail Table:  #M335G, circa 1950-53 Lamp (TV-VCR) Table: #M364G, circa 1950-55 RARE Record Cabinet End Table: #M395, circa 1951-52 Pair of Arm Chairs:   #C3980 C, circa 1941-44 Corner Bookcase:   #C3971 circa 1941-44 Tub Chair:  M345, circa 1950-57 Corner Table:  #C3755G, circa 1940-44 Tambour Utility Case:  #M179, circa 1950-54 Open Frame Arm Chair and Leg Rest: #C3995C and C3990LR, circa 1941-42 Straight Bookcase:  #M321, circa 1947-65 Cocktail Table:  #M307, circa 1949-52 Cocktail Table:  #M1505G, circa 1957-66 Encore Nightstand #M518, circa 1948-55 Nightstand - no number - circa 1943 Corner China:  #M176, circa 1948-55 RARE Encore Utility Case: #M523, circa 1948-54 Credenza with Glass-Top Hutch (Triple China):  #M198 on #M593, circa 1948-53. Drop-Leaf Dining Table:  #M166G, circa 1947-55 Server: M590, circa 1950-55, Wheat Finish Server: M590, circa 1950-55, Champagne Finish Airflow Extension Table:  #C3319G, circa 1937-39 Kohinoor Nightstand: #M148, circa 1949-51. DOGBONE Twin Bed, Complete:  #M530, circa 1950-53 Riviera 4-Drawer Chest:  #M182, circa 1947-48. Riviera Dresser:  #M181, circa 1947-48. Encore 5-Drawer Chest: #M522, circa 1948-55 Twin Bookcase Headboard with Ribbed Sliding Doors:  #M540, circa 1953-54. Riviera Revolving  Vanity Pouffe: #M187, circa  1947-48 Harmonic China Cabinet: #M995 on M996, circa 1954. Davenport and Arm Chair:  M332 and M330, circa 1948-50 Set of 4 Chairs: #C3322 , circa 1937-39 Set of 4 Liberty Bell  Chairs:  #M552A and M552C, circa 1953-55 Set of 6 Upholstered Diningroom Chairs:  #M157, circa 1947-50 Davenport and Arm Chair:  M332 and M330, circa 1948-50 Pair of Sculptura Twin Beds:  #M770, circa 1952-59 Large Cocktail Table:  #M795, circa 1953-55 Tambour Utility Case:  #M179, circa 1950-54 Cabinet Base:   #C3972 circa 1941-42 Sculptura Vanity: #M776,  circa 1952-59 RARE Sculptura Triple Dresser: #M779, circa 1952-59 Sculptura 5-Drawer Chest:  #M792, circa 1952-59 Pair of Riviera Nightstands:  #M188, circa 1947-48 Encore Lamp Table/Night Stand:  #M1538, circa 1958 -59 Crescendo Vanity:  #C3554, circa 1939-40, Victory Nightstand: #C4148, circa 1943-44. Niagara Vanity Seat: #C392, circa  1941-42 Credenza with Glass-Top Hutch (Triple China):  #M198 on M598, circa 1948-50 Corner China: #M176, circa 1948-55 Airflow China Cabinet:  #C3316 on C3317, circa 1937-39 Bookcase Unit with Four Sections M926 Vanity Desk by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, 1954-56 RARE - M504/505 Room Divider, 1953-56End Table M791G, circa 1952-53 Buffet with China Top:  #M999 on M592, circa 1954-55 Server Base #C3710 Aristocraft 3-Pc. Sofa:  #CM727 Series, circa 1952-53 Aristocraft 4-Pc. Sofa:  #CM727 Series, circa 1952-53 Aristocraft Arm Chair #CM727C, circa 1952-53  Aristocraft Double Filler #CM728, circa 1952-53 Twin Beds:  #M930, circa 1954-55 RARE! Large (Vanity) Desk  #M926  RARE Dogbone Double Bed: #M530, circa 1950-53  Arm Chair #M330C, circa 1948-50  Barrel Wing Chair:  #M566,  circa 1951-52  RARE! Table Desk: #C3757, circa 1940-42  Small Kneehole Desk:  #C3978, circa 1941-44   Trimline Single-Pedestal Teacher's Desk: Circa 1958 Student 	Desk: #M783, circa 1952-61 China on Buffet #M1546 on M1543, circa 1957 Encore 12-Drawer  Triple  Encore Vanity: #M536, circa  1953-54  Niagara Vanity:  #C3926, circa  1941-42   Side Chair:  #C3951A,  circa 1941-42, designed by Leo Jiranek Triple Pedestal (Whalebone) Table  #M1557G, circa 1956-66China 	Top on Credenza Base: #M909 on #M593, circa 1950-55. Set of 6 Chairs #M1551A/C, circa 1956-66Credenza: M193, circa 1948-50 RARE M532 Encore DOUBLE Chest, 1954-55 Sculptura King Size Footless Bed:  #M770X  available in 1956 only  RARE Kohinoor Dresser with Deck Top: #M149 on M141, circa 1949-51  Encore 4-Drawer Dresser: #M521, circa  1948-55  Encore Double Dresser: #M1534, circa  1958-59  Corner  Bookcase #C3971 circa 1941-44  RARE - M395 Record Cabinet End Table, 1951-52 M1547 on M1543, Large Crown Glass China on Buffet, 1956-65 - THE KING! M523 Encore Utility Case, 1948-54 M149 on M141 Kohinoor Dresser with Deck Top, 1949-51M560 Series 5-Pc. Sectional Sofa, 1951-53 M559 High Back Lounge Chairs, 1952-57 M179 Tambour Utility Case, 1950-54 Riviera 4-Drawer Chest:  #M182, RARE - M394 Service Wagon (Tea Cart), 1951-52 M530 Dogbone Bed, 1950-53 RARE - M1511 Encore Bachelor's Chest, 1958-59 Aristocraft Arm Chair: #CM927C, circa 1954-66 M503 Magazine Rack End Table, 1953-57 Cadence Diningroom Table and Chairs  M755 Series, 1954-55 M938 Corner Table, 1954-55 M918 Harmonic Night Stand/Lamp Table, 1954 Vanity Pouffe #M147, circa  1949-52 RARE - M793 Lamp Tables with Drawer, 1953-55 M1598 on M1597, Glass Door Hutch on Server, 1962-66 M175 on M190 China, Donut Pulls, 1948-50 M319 Cocktail Table, 1949-54 China on Tambour Buffet:  #M1546 on M1542, circa 1957-59 M593 Credenza, Donut Pulls, 1950-55 M176 Corner Cabinet, 1948-55 M118 Modern Nightstand, 1947-48 M175 on M190 China, Donut Pulls, 1948-50 M1545 on M1541, Double Crown Glass China on Server, 1956  M774 Sculptura Mr. & Mrs. Dresser, 1952-59 M144 Kohinoor Mr. & Mrs. Dresser, 1949-51 M776 Sculptura Vanity, 1952-59 M518 Encore Night Stand, 1948-55  M538 Encore Night Stand, 1950-55 M197 Whalebone Triple Pedestal Table, 1948-55 M1576 Revolving Cocktail Table, 1956-61 Cabinet Bookcase:  M326, circa 1952-61 M1573 Lamp Table, 1956 Corner and Straight Bookcase Units M392 X-Base Square Cocktail Table, 1950-55 M1501 Cocktail Table, 1957-61 C3977 Desk/Chest Bookcase, Large Size, 1941-42  M319 Cocktail Table, 1949-54 M786 Whalebone Double Pedestal Table with Oval Ends, 1952-55 M791 End Tables, 1952-53 M396 Wedge Shape Tier Tables, 1950-53 M794 Step End Tables with Drawer, 1953-55 C3922 Niagara 5-Drawer Chest, 1941-42 M993 Arch Lamp Table with Shelf, 1954-55 M778 Sculptura Night Stand, 1952-59 M3960 Corner Table, 1941-42 M577 Vanity Pouffe, 1951-52 M3753 Surfboard Step End Table, 1952 M786 Whalebone Double Pedestal Table with Oval Ends, 1952-55 M1554 Dogbone Chairs, 1956-66   M590 Server Base, Donut Pulls, 1950-55 M175 China Top on M592 Buffet, 1950-54 M578 Trophy Suite Night Stand, 1951-52 M953 Smile-Frown Chairs, 1954-55 C2912 and C2917 Server with Hutch Top, 1936 M593 Credenza, Donut Pulls, 1950-55 M154 Dogbone Chairs, 1950-55 M538 Encore Night Stand, 1950-55  M518 Encore Night Stand, 1948-55 M574 Trophy Suite Mr. & Mrs. Dresser, 1951-52 M572 Trophy Suite Chest, 1951-52 Center Cabinet and Pier Cabinets, #2914/5 and #2910, 1936, Bleached M176 Corner Cabinet, 1948-55 RARE - M504/505 Room Divider, 1953-56 Center Cabinet and Pier Cabinets, #2914/5 and #2910, 1936, Wheat M392 X-Base Square Cocktail Table, 1950-55 M1590 Corner Table, 1956-57 C3348, Corner Cabinets (Pair), 1938-39 M338 Corner Table, 1950-53  M779 Sculptura 9-Drawer Triple Dresser, 1952-59 M792 Sculptura 5-Drawer Chest, 1953-59 M175 on M190 China, Donut Pulls, 1948-50 M6107 Chairs, 1952 C3754 Cloverleaf Lamp Table, 1940 M770 Sculptura Double Bed, 1952-59 M393 Center Table, 1950-52 M198 on M593 Credenza with Triple Glass Hutch, 1948-50 M524 Encore Mr. and Mrs. 8-Drawer Dresser, 1948-55 RARE - M504/505 Room Divider, 1953-56 Sculptura Bedroom Suite, 1952-59 M503 Magazine Rack End Table, 1953-57 M321 Straight Bookcase, 1947-65 RARE - M395 Record Cabinet End Table, 1951-52 M320 Kneehole Desk, 1950-65 M1195 Series Sectional Sofa, 1955-56  M154 Dogbone Chairs, 1950-55, and Triple Ped Table M555 Stingray Chairs, 1950-55 M1554 Dogbone Chairs, 1956-66 M1557 Whalebone Triple Pedestal Table, 1956-66 M590 Server, 1950-55 C3552 Crescendo 5-Drawer Chest, 1939-40  M322 Corner Bookcase, 1947-61 M1547 on M1543, Large Crown Glass China on Buffet, 1956-65 - THE KING! M321 Straight Bookcases, 1947-65 Ashcraft Lounge Chair, 1950's M1581 Cocktail Table with Shelf, 1956-57 M909  on M593, China with Drawers over Credenza, 1954 M992 Arch End Tables with Shelf, Pair, 1954-55 M197 Whalebone Triple Pedestal Table, 1948-55  M772 Sculptura 4-Drawer Chest, 1952-59 M1538 Encore Lamp Table/Night Stand, 1958-59  M770 Sculptura Double Bed, 1952-59  C3985 Arm Chair, 1941-44 M789 Large Dining Extension Table, 1953-55 M1541 Server, 1956-61 Diningroom Set with Catseye Chairs and M1559 Large ExtensionTable, 1956-61 M1553 Catseye Chairs, 1956-66 Whalebone Table, Dogbone Chairs, and China - Matched Set M1546 on M592, Double China on Buffet with Donut Pulls, 1953-57 Whalebone Table, Dogbone Chairs, China and Buffet, all in Platinum M1547 on M1543, Large Crown Glass China on Buffet, 1956-65 - THE KING! C3557 Vanity Pouffe, 1939-40 M777, Sculptura Vanity Bench, 1952-59 C4148 Victory Nightstand, 1943-44  C3552 Crescendo 5-Drawer Chest, 1939-40 M778 Sculptura Night Stand, 1952-59 M1585 Large Cocktail Table with Drawer, 1956-57 M3543 Crescendo Davenport, 1939-40  CM970 Aristocraft Corner Table, 1954-55 M905 Cocktail Table with Drawer and Matching M794 Step End Tables with Drawer, 1953-55 M364 TV-VCR Lamp Table, 1950-55 C3170 Two-Tier End Table, 1936-39 C3552 Crescendo 5-Drawer Chest, 1939-40 C3558 Crescendo Nightstands, 1939-40 M593 Credenza, Donut Pulls, 1950-55 M308 Step End Tables, 1948-53 M512 Encore 4-Drawer Chest, 1948-50 M1504 Step End Table, 1957-66 M1572 End Table, 1956 M790 Utility Headboard, 1953-55 M320 Kneehole Desk, 1950-65 Trimline Desk M314 Student's Desk, 1950-51 M998 Harmonic Large Buffet, 1954 M318 Lamp Table, 1949 M1592 Tambour Cabinet, 1957 M1546 on M1592, China on Tambour Cabinet, 1957 M1519 Encore 9-Drawer Triple Dresser, 1956 CM388 Aristocraft Arm Chairs, Pair,  (Biscayne) - 1950-53 M536 Encore Vanity, 1950-53 M794 Step End Table with Drawer, 1953-55M1583 Lamp Table with Drawer, 1956-57 CM347 Aristocraft Step End Table, 1950-53 M1590 Corner Table, 1956-57 RARE M923 Chest Mirror, 1954-55 M1512 Encore 5-Drawer Chest, 1956-61 M790 Double Utility Headboard, 1953-54 M540 Utility Headboard, 1950-53 M524 Encore Mr. & Mrs. 8-Drawer Dresser, 1948-55 C3791 Rio 3-Drawer Dresser, 1943-44 M167 Drop Leaf Extension Table, 1949 C3583 Cabinet Bookcase, 1940  M322 Corner Bookcase, 1947-61 M321 Straight Bookcase, 1947-65 CM388 Aristocraft Arm Chairs, Pair,  (Biscayne) - 1950-53 M1586 TV-VCR Lamp Table, 1956-57 M198 on M193 Credenza with Glass-Top Hutch, 1948-50 M154 Dogbone Chairs, 1950-55 CM927 Aristocraft Arm Chairs, Pair, 1954-66 M592 3-Drawer Buffet, 1948-50 M1923 Corner Desk, 1958-59 CM727 Aristocraft Arm Chair, 1952-53 M175 on M334, Glass Top Hutch on Utility Case, Pair, 1949 M537 Vanity Bench, 1950-53 C3713 Extension Table with C3701 Chairs, 1940 M384 Large Barrel Wing Chair, 1950-53 C3994 Channel Back Arm Chair, 1941-44 M396 Wedge Shaped Tier Tables M780 Cabinet Utility Headboard, 1952-55 M1584 Step End Tables, 1956-57 M989 Harmonic Drop Leaf Extension Table, 1954-55 M755 Arm Chairs, Pair, 1954-55 M500 Cocktail Table, 1952-53 391G End Table, 1950-52 M908 Step End Table, 1954-55 C3753 Surfboard 2-Tier End Table, 1940-44, 1952 CM372 Aristocraft End Table, 1949-53 M755 Series Sectional Sofa, 1954-55 Ashcraft Dropleaf Table and Chairs C3995 Open Frame Arm Chair and C3990 Leg Rest, 1941-42 M3542-44 Love Seat by Count Sakhnoffsky, 1939-40 M307 Cocktail Table, 1949-52 C3754 Cloverleaf Lamp Table, 1940 CM927 Aristocraft Arm Chair, 1954-66 Ashcraft Day Bed M312 Nesting Tables, 1949-53 C3751 Cloverleaf Cocktail Table, 1940  M326 Cabinet Bookcase, 1952-61 M530 Pair of Matching Dogbone Twin Beds, 1950-53 C3586 Desk Chest Bookcase, 1940 M786 Whalebone Double Pedestal Table with Oval Ends, 1952-55 M330 Right Arm Chair and M330 Single Filler, 1948-50 M346 Barrel Wing Chair, 1947-50 M180 Riviera Bed, 1947-48 M1556 Whalebone Double Ped Table with Square Ends, 1956-61 M306 Revolving Cocktail Table, 1947-55

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