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Annie Laurie Anton Pieck Purse

rosette Stylish Decoupage Purse by Annie Laurie Originals of Palm Beach for Saks Fifth Avenue Featuring Anton Pieck "Old Curiosity Shop" Figural Scene and Marble Lucite Handle New Listing!

I have long had this adorable purse in my personal collection (since 1998) as I was a huge fan of decoupage back in the day.  These purses made by Annie Laurie Originals of Palm Beach were all the rage in the early 70's and this is a rare example featuring a signed Anton Pieck scene entitled "Old Curiosity Shop".  The interior is lined in quilted yellow fabric with white braided trim and appears unused it is so clean.  And it has a lovely white marble lucite handle to carry it.  The purse itself is in excellent condition with just a bit of wear to the green felt bottom.  There are two labels inside, one for Annie Laurie Originals, Palm Beach, and the other for Saks Fifth Avenue.  Be sure to look at all the pictures. Measures 8" wide x 3-1/2" deep x 5-1/2" high not counting handle.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$195 including s/h*


Lucite Vanity Purse

rosette Faux Tortie Lucite Vanity Purse with Fully-Fitted Interior New Listing!

This lovely lucite vanity purse has been in my collection for many years (since 2006) and has never been offered for sale until now.  I have always loved the faux tortie appearance of it, the matching chainlink handle, and the beautiful interior of this bag. Even though beaded and mesh purses are my favorites, this one always appealed to me and I had to keep it.  There is no "front" or "back" per se as both sides are identical except for the tortie pattern.  The inside is completely fitted with a mirror on one side with an expandable compartment behind it for typical purse contents (would easily hold an iPhone and several other items).  The other side has a covered powder compartment with puff inside, a flip-up removable lipstick holder, and an elasticized compartment for tissues, folded paper money, or even business or credit cards.  There are so many things you could use this purse for!  It is in excellent condition with very minimal signs of use at all.  Be sure to look at the many photos I have posted for this beauty.   Purse itself not counting the chain measures 5-3/8" wide x 1-1/2" deep x 6" high.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$245 including s/h*


Riviera Lucite Purse

rosette Riviera Faux Tortie Lucite Vanity Purse with Fully-Fitted Interior New Listing!

Here is another faux tortie lucite vanity purse that I have owned for even longer than the one above (since 2005) and have never offered it for sale until now.  This one has rounded sides and large loop handles.  The top portion of the case opens to reveal a mirror in the lid and a covered powder well in the lower half which bears the name "Riviera" on the gold compact lid.  Inside is a brand new, unused puff also bearing the Riviera insignia.  There is a large foldover clasp which will lift the entire top section to reveal a large storage compartment beneath, big enough for hold all of your valuables and then some!  The purse itself shows age appropriate signs of use such as minor scuffs but no chips or cracks.  The mirror is in excellent condition with only a spot or two here and there (photos will show these clearly).  Overall it is a great purse and due to the change in market since I purchased it, I am selling it at exactly what I paid for it all those years ago.   It has a round embossed emblem on the bottom which reads "Riviera Made in USA".  Overall dimensions of the purse are 7-1/4" wide x 3-1/4" deep x 3-7/8" high not counting handle.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$295 including s/h*


Cloisonne Enamel Purse

rosette Figural Cloisonne' Enamel Purse with Tassels and Chinese Knots in Jeweltone Colors

Here is a delightful little cloisonne' enameled figural purse with a deer and bird on each side in rich jeweltone colors of blue, red, green, and gold.  The background is a snowy white and there are flowers, trees and clouds as well as a stream where the deer was apparently drinking.  The interior is all finished in a dark blue or black enamel.  The original woven silk cord is attached with two tassels on either side and ending in a Chinese knot at side.  From my research, these purses date from the Meiji period (1868 - 1912) and are usually Japanese in origin.  Since this is a bit out of my area of expertise, this is all I can really say about it.  I have had it for years and have always admired the look of it.  Excellent condition with age-appropriate surface wear (no chips or missing enamel).  Measures 4-1/2" long x 2-1/2" to top of clasp x 1-3/8" wide.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$135 including s/h*


Beaded Miser Purse

rosette Sweet Little Miser's Purse with Steel-Cut Beads and Double Fringe

Dating from the 1800's, this little hand-stitched bag (stitches are so small I cannot tell if it is crochet or knit) was the epitome of fashion at one time.  The design of these was two-sided ... one for paper currency and one for coins.  They often had a ring slide or two in the center which held the individual sides closed.  I don't believe this one ever had those as the design of the purse itself holds it closed.  You see, the multiple strands that connect the two purse sections are woven through the purse flaps and into the body of the purses.  When you lift the flaps, you pinch the front of the purse and give it a gentle tug.  This slides the purse open along the strands and enables you to reach inside that way.  When the flap is placed back down and the strands tugged tight, the purse is closed securely.  Each side has a distinctive design ... one with a "v" fringed flap and tassel bottom, the other with a rectangular fringed flap and fringed squared off bottom.  It is in excellent condition throughout with no damage and no rust on any of the beads.  It is a superb example of this style of purse. Tasseled purse measures 3" wide x 4-1/2" long plus 2" tassel.  The fringed purse measures 3" wide x 4-1/2" long plus 1/2" fringe.  The strands between the purses are 6" long.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$150 including s/h*


Scenic Village Church Petitpoint Purse

rosette Beautiful Village Church Micro-Petitpoint Scenic Purse - Subtle Design Variations

This lovely scenic village church purse is done in the tiniest of micro-petitpoint stitches and is atypical in the large size ... it measures 9-1/2" long!  Each side depicts a village church across a winding country road with a bridge over a river.  The differences are subtle but I will try to point out the main ones:  on the front, the church steeple has a cross in the window which is not on the back; the cloud formations are completely different; the mountains and riverbanks are totally different colors and designs; the river and foreground (road as well in front) are different colors.  I am sure there are many more but these are just a few of the more obvious.  The frame is richly embossed with flowers on both sides which are duplicated in the long handle. And swans hold the handle on either side.  Original silk lining in peach is in excellent condition with two ruched pockets and an original matching mirror (mirror does have age foxing).  Although the purse is not marked or signed, I would guess it to be made in Austria in the first quarter of the last century.  It is in excellent condition throughout and is a real prize!  Measures6-1/2" wide at frame x 7-1/2" wide at bottom of purse x 9-1/2 " high (not counting chain handle).

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$499 including s/h*


Figural Petitpoint Purse

rosette Victorian Leather Purse with Ornate Filigreed Frame

This is a darling little leather purse with a very ornate filigreed frame.  Everything on it is original including the matching leather handle.  Both sides of the frame are the same and the body of the purse is gathered to give it a puffy appearance.  The interior lining is original but is mostly shattered.  It comes with the original matching beveled mirror which has considerable foxing as would be age appropriate ... after all, this purse is well over 100 years old, more like 125 or so.  With the exception of the lining, the rest of the purse is in excellent condition.  The leather is very soft and supple, not at all brittle or hard, and feels wonderful in the hand.  It is unmarked.  Measures 6-1/2" wide at widest point of purse x 6" high to top of clasp (not counting 6-1/2" long handle).

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$95 including s/h*


Novelty Purse

rosette "For the Woman Who has Everything" Stocking Purse in Original Box --- You Gotta Love this one! Dated 1956

Obviously a gag gift, this is a really cute actual hose stocking attached to a purse frame with a ruffly pink garter around it.  The lid of the box says "For the Woman Who has EVERYTHING" and is dated 1956.  Inside is a card which continues the thought and reads "For the Woman Who has EVERYTHING and Now A Place in Which to 'Sock-it-Away'."  The back side of the card insert reads "Another Novelty Gift Item Made by The Leister Game Company, 9 N. St. Clair St., Toledo 4, Ohio.  Copyright 1956".  The box has some water stains and lower left corner of lid is split but other than that everything is in very good condition.  The box measures 6-5/8" x 4-3/4" x 1" high.  Purse is 5" wide at frame and stocking is 38" long.  Be sure to see all the pics!

Note: Due to low value and size of this item, we will ship it via Priority Mail without signature instead of UPS to save on shipping costs.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$25 including s/h*


Figural Petitpoint Purse

rosette Double Figural Petitpoint Purse with Fancy Jeweled Frame Featuring Marie Antoinette on the Front and Birds on the Back

This is a very interesting figural micro-petitpoint purse which features a vignette of Marie Antoinette on the front surrounded by blue forget-me-nots and roses around this.  On the reverse side, the flowers are the same but the vignette features a pair of lovely birds.  The frame on this purse is done in tiny seed pearls and lapis jewels even on the drop pendant (there is one tiny lapis stone missing on the clasp but the rest are all there.  Now for the condition:  at a glance it looks perfect but there are several areas of missing petitpoint mostly around the perimeter. I have taken several close-ups of these spots and I will warn you they look MUCH worse in the magnified shots than they do in person.  It is a great purse for display and the underlying fabric is intact so the holes aren't that distracting at all.  Interior lining is also in good shape. Measures 4-3/4" wide at frame x 5-3/4" wide at widest point on body of purse x 5-1/2 " high (not counting chain handle).

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$325 including s/h*


Floral Petitpoint Purse

rosette Floral Petitpoint Purse with Fancy Jeweled and Enameled Frame

The frame on this petitpoint purse is one of the nicest I have ever had ... almost too pretty to be on this purse!  You just have to look at the close-up photos to see it in detail.  As for the purse, the front and back are the same floral design on a dusky peach background.  The interior is lined in original silk which is in decent condition ... some beginning deterioration around top and the two ruched pockets are open at the bottoms (very strange!).  Now for the frame:  it is all richly jeweled and enameled.  The jewels are very tiny and even though there are some missing, there are more that are there and too numerous for me to count accurately.  The clasp consists of two carnelian jewels.  The "edge" is just tightly laid threads that appears to be original ... never saw this type of finish before.  Measures 5-1/2" wide at frame x 7" wide at widest point on body of purse x 8-1/2 " high.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$299 including s/h*


Llewellyn Lucite Purse

rosette RARE Llewellyn Carved Grey Marble Lucite Purse

Here is a very rare Llewellyn grey marble lucite purse with carved laurel leaves all around the base. Unusual closure is a loop that snaps down over the body of the purse. Two individual large loop handles swing all the way to the side to open. Purse rests on tiny ball feet and is in excellent condition with the following exceptions: there is one ball missing inside the purse where the snap closure joins the lid. This does not affect the purse in any way ... snap is tight to the lid and the ball can probably be easily replaced. The other thing that I need to mention is that where the hinge sets into the back of the purse on the inside, the edges are cut away. One side may have a tiny chip on it but I can't be sure. This may be the way it was made. In any event, it does not in any way hurt the purse and looks to be original (see close-up of hinge). Purse measures approximately 6-3/4" wide x 4-1/2" deep x 3-3/4" high.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$225 including s/h*


Double-Decker Plastic Purse

rosette Rare & Unusual Double -Decker Plastic Purse by Ascot of New York

This is a very rare hard plastic purse by Ascot of New York with two compartments. The top section opens by a snap closure in white lucite. The lower compartment opens with a brass suitcase-type latch. There is a mirror in the lid and the entire purse is in excellent condition! Beautiful pearly white finish! 'Ascot, N.Y.C., USA' is embossed into the bottom. Purse measures approximately 7-1/4" wide x 4" deep x 4-1/4" high.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$299 including s/h*


Hammered Copper and Silver Purse

rosette RARE Art Nouveau Hammered Copper and Silver Repousse' Purse with Amethyst Jeweled Clasp

This is such an unusual and beautiful metal purse! I'm not sure what the silver metal is --may be sterling as it does tarnish and polish like sterling-- but it is done in beautiful repousse' Art Nouveau designs. The center section appears to be hammered copper with nice patina. Interior is lined in cocoa suede and is in excellent condition as is entire purse. Long shoulder-length chain handle can be tucked inside to use as a clutch. The clasp is a large cabochon amethyst (haven't tested it but very possibly real). The quality of this purse is exceptional ... I've never seen another even remotely like it. Any collector would be pleased with this one. Measures approximately 4-1/2" square and is 2" deep. 

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$225 including s/h*


Lucite Purse

rosette Patricia of Miami Lucite Purse with Jeweled Lid

Beautiful white marble lucite purse with crystal lid embedded with rhinestones by Patricia of Miami. There are one or two stones missing along the left edge only which I will try to replace for you. Large crystal twisted handle matches lid. Crystal flip catch with brass turn button latch. There are no cracks or damage anywhere; however, glue inside purse has yellowed. This is not visible on outside. Measures 9-1/4" long x 4-1/4" wide x 3" high approximately.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$135 including s/h*


Travel Logos Purse

rosette Rare Trunk Style Travel Logo Hard Plastic Purse

This is a fun purse ... I don't usually buy plastic purses, but this one was just so darn cute I couldn't resist! Done in a beige marble with raised script world cities in gold all over the outside. Lid is domed to resemble a travel trunk complete with suitcase style clasp (has key lock but don't have key). Each side is hinged so the the top opens in the center and each side swings outward. Cities are the same on each side: London, Paris, Bordeaux, Naples and Rome. Condition is very good with only one very small chip on one corner (very hard to notice!) ... some roughness around some of the cities but nothing distracting. Purse has been used and shows signs of normal wear but is is very usable as it is. Brass suitcase closure could use polishing if desired (I prefer to leave as is).  Measures 10" wide x 6" deep x 6-1/2" high not counting handle.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$125 including s/h*


Lucite Purse by Ilene

rosette Figural Jeweled Bumble Bees Lucite Purse by Ilene

What a fun little clutch purse this is! Made by Ilene, the entire front of the purse is covered by little jeweled bumble bees in full flight. All jewels are present and accounted for ... purse is a pearlized white lucite with hints of mauve swirls at the corners. Interior is lined in moire' fabric with original Ilene of New York, London & Paris label. Purse is in excellent condition with no chips ... there is one half moon hairline right by one of the rivets that is on the bottom ... doesn't go through, just surface. Great little item! Measures approximately 7" x 3-3/4" x 1-3/4" overall. 

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$95 including s/h*


Figural Petitpoint Purse

rosette Figural Petitpoint Purse with Jeweled Frame

This is a very unusual figural petitpoint purse with a jeweled frame. The body of the purse is black and the figures are in a center vignette surrounded by a flowered border. Colors of the figures are blue, pink, beige, browns, golds, green, and purple. Pink and blue flowers with green vines surround the center. The sides and bottom panels have pink flowers. Both sides are the same; frame is only jeweled on one side. Interior is lined and is in excellent condition. In fact, entire body of purse is in perfect condition with no damage. However, the frame is missing two jewels on either end and the center jewel is chipped off ... I would imagine these would be relatively easy to replace. The black stone in the clasp is perfect. Measures 5-3/4" wide at frame x 8" high.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$275 including s/h*


Figural Petitpoint Purse

rosette Figural Petitpoint Purse with Filigreed Frame ~ Made in Germany ~

Here is an adorable petitpoint purse with a figural scene. A finely dressed coupole stands on a veranda overlooking lush gardens and a gazebo off in the distance. Two large columns with urns atop can be seen on either side of the veranda with flowers draping over the walls. In the lower right hand of the veranda, you can see a little white dog (you will need to look at enlarged photos to see him). Both sides have the same scene and the ornately filigreed frame is the same on both sides as well. The interior of the purse has two linings ... one of gold silk which is totally shattered and the other is a heavier lining to protect the fine stitching. I have removed the shattered gold lining except for the ruffled trim which can be used again if someone wants to replace the silk. Frame is marked "Germany". Measures 6" wide at frame x 7-1/2" wide at bottom x 7" high including clasp.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$299 including s/h*


Feather Purse

rosette TICKLED PINK! Darling Fuchsia Roaring 20's Feather Purse with Hair Ornaments! ~ Made in France ~

This is the most adorable little purse you will ever see and it has a GREAT story with it! One afternoon in our store, a well-dressed elderly lady came in selling some of her treasures. Amongst them was this little purse which, at first glance, I didn't think was that old. Upon talking to her, she told us she was 93 years old - she didn't look a day over 60! She was born in 1912 and she carried this purse when she was a teenager to a dance. She was describing the lovely dress she wore that matched the purse and she "even had little feathery matching hair ornaments". When I opened the purse to look inside and found the hair ornaments -- or what was left of them -- inside, she giggled, "Oh my goodness! There they are!" She was so excited to see them still tucked inside. She was just the cutest lady ... so the purse dates from the 1920's. The inside gives away its age and still has the original label "Made in France." It is just a darling purse and from the original owner.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$125 including s/h*


Figural Crewel Vanity Purse

rosette RARE Figural Crewel Vanity Purse

Rare vanity purse pictured in Vintage Purses at Their Best on pg. 119, it is described as "silk stitched romantic figural in an unconventional oval shape." Beautiful detailed figures on front while back has a vignette of flowers. Interior is in fabulous condition with an oval beveled mirror and tiny pockets. With original stitched handle. Measures 3" x 4". Previously listed for $950 ... price is now less than I paid for it!

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$450 including s/h*


Leather Coin Purse

rosette Leather Coin Purse with Enameled Cherries from New York State Private Collection!

Purchased from a collection of purses from a town near Rochester, New York, which had belonged to the owner's grandmother and two were dated before 1894. The others were believed to be from around turn-of-the-century and this is one of the purses from the collection. This is a little leather coin purse with two enameled cherries on the front. Back of case is a diamond and triangle impressed design. Purse opens and has a "secret" compartment inside. In very good condition inside and out. Measures approximately 3" wide x 2-1/2" high overall.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$55 including s/h*


Leather Purse

rosette Leather Purse with Sterling Silver Repousse' Frame and Chatelaine Clip from New York State Private Collection

Purchased from a collection of purses from a town near Rochester, New York, which had belonged to the owner's grandmother and two were dated before 1894. The others were believed to be from around turn-of-the-century and this is one of the purses from the collection. This adorable little purse dates from before 1894 as the owner's grandmother's initials before she was married (she was married in 1894) are engraved on the frame. The leather is all in excellent condition, just a bit dirty (I haven't tried cleaning). The inside is lined in suede. The sterling silver frame and matching chatelaine clip are richly chased and both are marked sterling. Purse measures 3-1/2" wide x 4" long overall; with hook, it is 9-1/2" long.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$250 including s/h*


Wilardy Lucite Purse

rosette Wilardy White Marble Lucite Purse with Pearl Jeweled Filigree Clasp

This is a more common shape Wilardy lucite purse, but the clasp on this one is gold rather than silver and is set with a tiny pearl. Mirror in lid. Purse is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or damage other than some slight fogging in a few areas as is common with lucites. It's a great purse! Measures 8-1/2" wide x 6" high. Depth of purse is 4-1/2" at bottom and 3-3/4" at top giving it a tapered look from the side.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$125 including s/h*


Purse with Original Box

rosette RARE Cache' Cologne Purse with Orignal Box - Fantastic!

This is absolutely one of the coolest little purses I have ever seen and I have no idea how it managed to stay intact in its original box all these years. This little purse was called a Cut Crystal Pocketbook ... it came with Cache' Cologne and a uniquely designed ball purse that was advertised as being used for a purse, jewelry, or planter. Box shows detailed pictures of all the different uses and instructions how to operate purse. Even though it is called "cut crystal", it is, in actuality, plastic. The base is black and the lid is clear with gold embossed flowers. It's just too cute! Box is in great condition with minor wear as shown in pictures. Some cologne still remains in bottle. Measures 4" diameter x 6" high.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$175 including s/h*


Petitpoint Purse

rosette Petitpoint Purse with Jeweled & Enameled Frame Made in Austria

Here we have a gorgeous petitpoint purse with a jeweled and enameled frame. Rich florals in blues, pinks and purples, with brown, green and teal accents on an ecru background ... even some white and silvery grey. Both sides have the same design. FRame is enameled in deep red and set with tiny faux pearls. There are marcasites in the stand-up clasp (half are missing). Interior features one pocket with "Made In Austria" label and ruched trim around the edges. With the exception of the marcasites and some wear to the faux pearls, purse is in perfect condition. Measures 6-1/2" wide at frame x 7-1/2" high overall.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$225 including s/h*


Scenic Crosstitch Purse

rosette RARE Cross-stitch Scenic Castle Purse "Cinderella's Castle"

Rarely found is cross-stitch in purses and this one is a beauty! Stitches are so tiny they defy counting ... and give the appearance of the finest petitpoint. Beautiful fantasy scene of a romantic castle on a hilltop with multiple levels cascading down to water's edge. To the right can be seen a house in the village. Birds flock in the sky near the blue turret peaks. For some reason, when I look at this purse, I think "Cinderella's Castle" ... it just reminds me of Disneyland! Interior is lined in old blue silk which shows some shattering and has the original round beveled mirror (also showing its age). A real little treasure! Same scene on both sides and no damage anywhere to purse that I can see. Measures 5-1/2" wide at frame x 6" wide across body x 6" high not counting handle.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$265 including s/h*


Figural Petitpoint Purse

rosette Romantic Figural Courting Couple Petit-Point Purse

Lovely little petit-point purse with a romantic scene of a courting couple . . . the elegantly begowned lady is being romanced by a gentleman on bended knee holding a large stringed instrument with which to serenade her. Ahhh, for such times as those!! They are seated beside what looks like a lake or pond to the lady's left. Scene is the same on both sides. Frame is beautifully embossed and has a matching embossed pendant pull. Interior is lined in pink silk, which has a few splits, and is trimmed with pink and grey braiding. The stitches are all very tiny and hand done. Measures 4-1/2" wide at frame x 5-1/2" long.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$159 including s/h*


Aubusson Figural/Scenic Purse

rosette Aubusson Figural & Scenic 2-Sided Purse with Ornate Jeweled Frame

Near-mint condition, all original with 2 different scenes. Front depicts lady reclining next to a stream while her lover is fishing. Back pictures an old mill by a bridge and a boat nearby. Gorgeous carnelians adorn the clasp, frame, and pendant. 99% intact ... there is some slight thread loss right on the fold by left hinge and a tiny split that also falls into the fold and is not noticeable. One hinge is separated but purse still closes fine and hangs perfect. It is a beautiful purse and price has been reduced to reflect these imperfections that I did not see when I originally listed it. Measures approximately 8" wide x 8" high counting clasp. Frame itself is 6-5/8" across top.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$795 including s/h*


Portrait Petitpoint Purse

rosette Portrait Petitpoint Purse with Enameled & Jeweled Frame & Handle

I'm sure there is a specific name for this type of petitpoint which is done in relief on a tightly woven canvas background. Only the design elements are stitched while the rest is left unstitched to give it a dimensional effect (see close-up of portrait). giving the purse a delicate look. The gold frame is richly embossed on all sides and features daisy rosettes holding the handle with topaz jewels in the centers. This is repeated in the flower basket pendant. Across the top of the frame facing upward are 7 jewels, four tiny faux emeralds and three rubies. Interior is lined in gold with two pockets. Purse is in excellent condition with no holes and only very very minor wear. Color is a bit darker than scan shows. In the handle, there are two large ruby glass beads and an enameled petal ball ... the enameled petals do have some chips, but all the other enamel is perfect. Back of purse shows a different pattern. Measures approximately 6" wide (at frame) x 8" long.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$399 including s/h*


Velvet and Beaded Vanity Purse

rosette Sable Velvet Purse with Mirrored Beaded Top in Mint Condition!

Such a lovely and unusual purse! Done in silky soft plush sable velvet with a fringed tassle, the outstanding portion of this purse is it's overly large lid which is covered in amethyst beads with contrasting colors in the center design. The lid opens to reveal a large vanity mirror and a roomy interior with attached coin purse. Handle is also sable velvet. It is in like-new condition! Measures 6" wide at frame x 9" long not counting 4" tassel.

  (Click on pic for more photos.)

$275 including s/h*


Lucite Purse

rosette Black Lacy Netting w/Gold Stars on Clear Lucite Purse with Carved Crystal Lid and Horseshoe Shaped Handle

This is really a wonderful little lucite purse ... the clear body has a fine black netting encased inside and little gold stars are sprinkled liberally throughout. The crystal lid and handle are carved with star shaped designs and the clasp is a T-ball snap closure. There is no makers mark on this one, but it is typical of the Florida handbags and more than likely originated there. Unfortunately, each side panel has a cloudy area (one more so than other). I have included close-up pictures of each side. I loved the purse enough to buy it this way and priced it accordingly. Hopefully you will find it unique enough as well! :-) This purse measures 7" x 5-1/4" x 4" high and has four tiny feet on the bottom. 

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$159 including s/h*


Snakeskin Purse

rosette Snakeskin Purse by Le-Ann ~ Clutch or Shoulder Style

This is not the normal type of purse I carry, but it came with an estate so I am offering it for sale. It is a quality snakeskin bag made in China by Le-Ann (signed inside). Inside is lined in cream leather-like vinyl (sides inserts may actually be leather as they certainly feel like it!). Purse has a fold-over snap closer which opens to reveal a zipper compartment for coins and open area for storage. The brass snakelink long shoulder-length handle can be flipped inside to use purse as a clutch. It is in excellent condition overall. Measuers 7" wide x 4-1/2" high x 2-1/2" deep at sides. Shoulder chain is approximately 40" long total.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$95 including s/h*


Rialto Lucite Purse

rosette Rare Rialto Hatbox Style Lucite Purse with Carved Crystal Lid

Here we have a wonderful Rialto hatbox style lucite purse in pretty gray marble with crystal carved lid and handle. The closure is a turn-button style and is done in contrasting topaz color for accent. This purse is in excellent condition with no splits, cracks, or noticeable scratches. The back left side has a small area that is beginning to show some fog, but it blends in so well with the marbling that it is very difficult to notice. This beautiful little purse measures 6-1/2" wide x 6" deep x 4" high. It has four tiny feet to rest the base upon.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$175 including s/h*



Wilardy Lucite Purse

rosette Wilardy Pearly White Marble Lucite Purse w/Filigreed Clasp

Beautiful signed Wilardy lucite purse in snowy white pearlized marble. Large round clasp is decorated with a filigreed flower ornament and the handle is the same matching color. There is a large mirror inside the lid, and the purse is signed "Wilardy" on the hinge. It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks and the only scratches visible are on the very bottom from normal use. It is a fantastic purse! It tapers inward from the bottom to the top when viewed from the side. Measures 8-1/2" long x 6" high x 4-1/2" deep at base and 3-1/2" deep at top.

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$199 including s/h*


Wilardy Lucite Purse

rosette White Wilardy Lucite Purse with Ornate Filigreed Closure

Wilardy is synonymous with excellence when it comes to lucite purses, and this one is no exception. With an octagon shaped base and offset front-to-back center handle, it bespeaks elegance. Notice the huge ornately filigreed closure which is a signature Wilardy treatment. The interior of the lid is completely fitted with a full mirror, also typical Wilardy design. It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks, but the pearlessence has clouded a wee bit on the front. It is barely noticeable but I wanted to mention it for clarity. Otherwise it is in perfect shape. Signed on hinge. Measures 9" long x 4-1/4" wide x 4-3/4" high not counting handle.

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$175 including s/h*


Petitpoint Purse
Back View of Purse

rosette Figural Micro-Petitpoint Purse with Filigreed Jeweled Frame

This lovely purse is done in the tiniest of micro-petitpoint stitches and has two totally different scenes.  The front depicts a group of several youths fishing in a stream framed inside a floral border.  The sides are black stitches.  The back side of the purse depicts a village scene ... probably where the youngsters live.  It is also framed in a floral border.  The frame is filigreed and set with several pearly jewels.  Overall in very good condition. 

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$399 including s/h*


*Shipping and handling included within Continental U.S.

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