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Noritake, Nippon, and Other Fine Porcelain

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Rosenthal/Limoges Berry Set

rosette Rosenthal & Limoges Berry Set Hand-Painted by N. A. Ray of N. A. Ray Art Studio New Listing!

This beautiful berry set was made by Rosenthal and Limoges and hand-painted by artist N. A. Ray of N. A. Ray Art Studio of Honesdale, Pa..  The large serving bowl was made by Rosenthal and the small berry bowls were made by T & V (Tressemann & Vogt) Limoges, France.  All pieces have beautiful gold gilt edges in excellent condition.  There are no chips or damage of any kind.  The large bowl measures 8-1/2" diameter (not counting handles) x 2-3/8" deep and the small bowls are 5" diameter x 1-1/8" deep.

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$299 Set


Staffordshire Vase

rosette Staffordshire - J. H. Weatherby & Sons Ornate Handled Vase with Peony Flowers on Both Sides - Large Size! New Listing!

This is a stunning large vase made by J. H. Weatherby & Sons of Hanley, Staffordshire, England.  The hallmark on the bottom of this vase dates it between 1891 - 1930's.  It is a really gorgeous shape with the narrow neck opening with four flower petal shaped points flaring outward.  The large peony flower is the same on both front and back.  Then it is finished on both sides with large openwork handles in a lovely design.  The bottom portion of the vase is done on a white background while the handles, neck, and crown are in a baby blue shade.  So pretty!  There is also silver gilt outlining the handles.  It is in excellent shape with the exception of a very faint hairline on one of the petals at the top ... you can see this in the close-up photos. Piece has age appropriate crazing but it s faint and not at all detrimental to the vase.  Measures 14" tall overall x 9" across at the handles.  The opening at the very top is 5" across.

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Rosenthal Chocolate Set

rosette Rosenthal China Pensée Chocolate Set with Different Portraits

Does anyone today serve chocolate in such an elegant manner? This gorgeous set by Rosenthal China evokes memories of a time gone by where ladies in white gloves sipped hot chocolate from delicate china cups ... oh to have those times back again!  Beautiful ladies portraits grace each of the cups and the pot itself, different poses and ladies on each of them.  The set consists of the chocolate pot with 5 cups and 5 saucers, so you can consider this a complete service for 5 or a service for 4 with one extra.  Whether or not there was ever a sixth cup and saucer is not known as this was what was there when we purchased it.  There are no chips or cracks to any of the pieces and the only evidence of use is wear to the gold trim applied to the handles.  This is typical age appropriate use. The pot itself measures 9" tall and the cups are 2-3/4" high. 

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Mottahedeh Cache Pot

rosette Mottahedeh Vista Alegre Cache Pot from Portugal

This is a beautiful extra-large size cache pot by Mottahedeh. There is a large vignette on the front of a bouquet of flowers and the back side has just a small floral design. Tab handles, raised base and gold trim finish it off. Excellent condition! Could be used as a wine cooler or a flower jardiniere. Approximately 8-1/2" diameter (bowl portion) x 8-3/4" high. Paper label and stamp on base (see pics).

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Limoges Seafood Set

rosette Limoges Hand-Painted Seafood Set

Limoges 6-Pc. Seafood Set Stunning hand-painted Limoges seafood set consisting of large platter and five plates, all with different underwater scenes of shells and mollusks. Beautiful soft colors of blues, greens, pinks and lavenders ... so pretty! Be sure to click on image to see lots of detailed close-ups. This is an extraordinarily beautiful set. Platter measures 17-1/2" wide x 12" high. Plates measure approximately 9" diameter.  Circa 1888 - 1896 (see mark on back).

(Click on pic for more photos.)


Royal Worcester Ewer Bud Vase

rosetteRoyal Worcester Bud Vase/Ewer

Lovely Royal Worcester bud vase/ewer with gilded bird on front, cobalt floral decoration, all on lemon yellow background. Gold double twined handles. Mounted on antique gold porcelain pedestal base.

Measures 9-1/8" tall overall; diameter at neck is 1-1/4", 2-1/4" at base; pedestal base is 3-1/4" diameter and stands 1-1/4" tall. Pieces are attached.

Circa 1876-1891 (mark on base)

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Paragon Tapestry Luncheon Set

rosetteTapestry Rose Luncheon Set by Appointment to H.M. The Queen and H.M. Queen Mary

This beautiful luncheon set is service for four with 8-1/4" plates, 6" plates, cups and saucers (16 pieces total).  The cups are footed and measure 2-3/4" high.  All pieces are perfect!  Made by Paragon.

Additional pieces may be purchased from at

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$225 Set


FLow Blue Transfer Plate - Click for More Pics

rosette Flow Blue Figural Transfer Plate with Maiden & Cupid

Gorgeous flow blue plae with lovely lady and Cupid in tree above her. Rich deep blue edge with embossed pattern.  Central picture is done in transfer.  Excellent condition ... no markings.

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Nippon Child's Mug

rosette Nippon Child's Mug

Adorable little child's porcelain mug marked with the Nippon hallmarks. Wonderful child-like images including clowns and two little rabbits frolicking ... one on the back carries a Japanese flag. Measures 3-3/4" high, 3-3/4" diameter at top rim, 3-1/2" diameter at base. Beautiful piece in perfect condition with no wear at all.

Circa Early 1900's.

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Noritake Mayo

rosetteNoritake Footed Mayo with Matching Ladle

Gorgeous hand-painted Noritake footed mayonnaise bowl with matching ladle. Both pieces marked Noritake on bottoms. Mayo measures 4-1/2" diameter x 2-1/8" high.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$60 Set



Nippon Condiment Set

rosette Nippon Hand-Painted 9-pc. Condiment Set

Sweet little Nippon 9-pc. (counting lids and spoon) condiment set... very good condition. Tray measures 6-1/8", toothpick is 1-3/4" high, sugar is 2-1/2" high, and salt and peppers are 2-1/2" high. Covered sugar could be used for jams as well.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$125 Set



Nippon Mayo and ladle

rosette Nippon Hand-Painted Dogwood Footed Mayo with Matching Ladle

Lovely hand-painted dogwood Nippon footed mayonnaise bowl with matching ladle. Marked Nippon on bottom. Mayo measures 4-1/2" diameter x 2" high.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$85 Set



Japan Condiment Set

rosette Hand-Painted Condiment Set from Japan

This pretty little hand-painted scenic condiment set is marked simply "Japan". Condition is excellent with exception of a cracked area on top of one shaker ... priced accordingly. Tray is 8-1/2" long x 3" deep x 1-3/4" high at handles. Sugar is 2-1/2" high and salt and pepper are 2-3/4" high.

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Noritake Azalea Cup and Saucer

rosette Noritake "Azalea" China Cup and Saucer Sets - 3 Available

Lovely pink azaleas on white background.  There are 3 cups and saucers available priced by the set (one cup and one saucer is a set).

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$20 per Set


Castleton China Demitasse Cup and Saucer

rosette Castleton China Sunnybrooke Demitasse Cup and Saucer

Beautiful and graceful little footed demitasse cup with gold trim on handle, base and top. Absolutely no wear whatsoever! Matching saucer also has gold trim. No chips, cracks, crazing, or anything ... totally mint condition. Saucer measures 4-3/4" diameter; cup is 2-3/8" diameter x 2-1/4" high.

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Czech Blue Delft Salt Box

rosette Czech Blue Delft Salt Box

Here is a wonderful porcelain early 1900's salt box from Czechoslovakia. It is in excellent condition with a beautiful blue Delft design on the front with black deco accents. The lid is original and has a very slight warp from age and a little shrinkage across the grain. Both of these are proof of age and not a detriment to the piece at all. Porcelain is in great condition. Back is pierced in a pretty design that would allow for hanging on wall or it can be set flat on the counter. It's a beautiful piece that would be a wonderful addition to any blue Delft, salt, or Czech collection. Stamped "Czechoslovakia" on the bottom, this piece measures 6" wide x 4" deep x 7-1/2" high.

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Limoges Figural Plate

rosette Limoges Porcelain Figural Plate by Lewis Straus & Sons

Limoges Porcelain Figural Plate, gilt trim, lovely hand-panited & transfer design featuring a lady reclining in a chair by a writing table with a feather fan in her hand. Plate is in excellent condition with the only flaw being on the back on the "foot" (base of plate) where there is a small inside chip not visible from front at all.

Lewis Straus & Sons Mark, Circa 1890 -1920

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Wood and Sons Teapot

rosette Wood & Sons Teapot

If this doesn't get you in the mood for tea and scones, then nothing will! Lovely English porcelain teapot by Wood & Sons with different scenes on each side of an English Coach House. Lovely, crisp colors and sparkly white ground. Perfect condition!

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Royal Crown Derby Loving Cup

rosette Royal Crown Derby Loving Cup

Royal Crown Derby Loving Cup with hand-painted artist-signed hunt scene on front and single dog on back (both signed J. Barlow). There is a tiny imperfection right under the top rim by right handle ... may be a fleabite or possible a factory flaw. See pics for close-up.

Circa 1890-1940 (mark on base)

(Click on pic for more photos.)


Gray's Pottery Sugar and Creamer

rosette Gray's Pottery Purple Sunderland Luster Stacking Sugar & Creamer

Lady in Coach, perfect condition! Creamer measures 2-1/2" tall x 3-1/4" diameter, sugar is 2-1/4" high x 3-3/4" diameter.

(Click on pic for more photos.)




Nippon Marmalade

rosette Nippon Marmalade Jar with Matching Ladle

Hand-painted flowers, perfect condition!

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Noritake Master Salt

rosette Noritake Nippon Master Salt

Master salt with Hand-Painted Roses, Three Gold Feet, Measures 2-1/2" diameter x 1-1/4" high.

Circa 1900

(Click on pic for more photos.)



Limoges Basket

rosette Limoges Hand-Painted Basket with Gold Trim

Measures 5-3/8" long x 3" wide x 4-7/8" high.

1900 - 1914

(Click on pic for more photos.)




Limoges Tumbler

rosette Limoges Pinecone Hand-Painted Tumbler

Luster Interior, by Freres' Parotstand(sp?), Measures 2-1/2" diameter x 2-7/8" high.

1903 - 1917

(Click on pic for more photos.)




Victoria Carlsbad Austria Porcelain Ewer

rosette Victoria Carlsbad Austria Porcleain Ewer with Gold Figural Dragon Handle

Beautifully hand painted with vivid colors. Mark on base dates this between 1891-1918. In excellent condition with normal wear to gold on dragon as would be expected for age and use. Measures 10" high to tip of spout. A stunning piece!

(Click on pic for more photos.)


Noritake Vase

rosette Noritake Bluebird & Dogwoods Vase

Gorgeous lemon yellow vase with hand-painted bluebird on a branch of flowering dogwoods. Measures 6" tall.

(Click on pic for more photos.)




Royal Bayreuth Corinthian Figural Mug

rosette Royal Bayreuth Corinthian (Classic) Mug with Roman Figures

Black over white porcelain base with Roman figures on either side: one female and one male. Measures 4-1/2" high x 3" diameter. Very good condition with only minor wear to black; no chips or cracks.

(Click on pic for more photos.)




Noritake Elaine China

rosette Noritake "Elaine" China, Service for 8, mark dated 1930-34

Elaine pattern is gold edge with black and white border design scalloped and with tan scallops below this. Flowers in rose, blue, bittersweet, yellow and maroon with green leaves on the cream background with white center. Set includes 8 each dinner plates, b & b plates, soup bowls, fruit bowls, cup & saucers, covered vegetable, oval vegetable, platter, handled tidbit, sauce bowl, and gravy with underliner.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$775 Set



Noritake Muriel China

rosette Noritake "Muriel" China, Service for 10, Mark dated 1933

Muriel pattern is gold edge with light green and white scalloped band, cream colored wide band with florals and a white center. Set includes10 each dinner plates, salad plates, b & b plates, soup bowls, fruit bowls, cup & saucers, covered vegetable, sugar, creamer, meat platter, oval platter, and gravy with underliner. Many additional pieces available (not serving pieces though). There may be some minor chips.


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