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Amish Dolls

rosette Pair of Amish Children Dolls in Original Box New Listing!

Sweet little pair of Amish children dolls, a sister and brother, whose mother has dressed them all up for you! They are both in excellent condition in the original box with a darling saying on the front which reads:

"I come from Lancaster County Way
Where we Amish work and play
My Mother neatly dressed me up
So I could come your way."

Dolls have hand-painted features on hard plastic bodies; arms are jointed. They are both in very nice condition, box shows some wear (see pics). Small stands will be included but were not original.

Each doll measures 5" tall.


(Click on pic for more photos.)


$85 pr.
inc. s/h*

rosette Armand Marseille #390 Porcelain Doll with Original Clothes

16", composition body, wood & composition arms and legs, fully jointed.  Sleep eyes, open mouth, socket head. This is one of my favorite dolls ... I just love the expression on her face and the delightful period clothes she wears.  The red ribbon trim on the dress and in her hair are faded as would be expected for their age but still quite charming.  Beautiful blue eyes and pouty expression.  Original blonde wig.  Straw hat is old but I am not sure if it is original to the doll or not.  Please see all the pictures for condition.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$675 includes s/h*


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French Normandie Doll

rosette French "Normandie" Doll with Original  Tag & Store Label

10", body and head are, I believe, some type of painted bisque or ceramic.  She is a beautiful doll with lovely  period clothes which are all original. She has the original wrist tag reading "Normandie" and the original store label is still on her leg from Au Nain Bleu, one of the oldest stores in Paris having begun in 1836.

Arms and legs are jointed, she wears a cross around her neck, and a sweet little matching hat on her head. There is a tiny flake in the paint right at the top of her head at the hairline. Some spots on her apron but overall in very good condition. Be sure to look at all the pictures to fully appreciate this sweetheart.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$250 includes s/h*


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Armand Marseille Doll

rosette Armand Marseille #390 Boy Child  Doll

9", porcelain socket head, sleep eyes, open mouth. Clothes may be original but I am not sure.

Trunk, lower leg and hands are comp, arms and thighs are wood. 

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$450 includes s/h*


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French Tete Jumeau Doll

rosette French Tete' Jumeau Blue-Eyed Doll

12", porcelain socket head, closed mouth, composition body.  Clothes appear to be original or, if not, are very old and fit perfectly.  Shoes and socks may be later replacements but both show age.   Wig appears to be human hair but is larger in size than the head ... this is the way I bought the doll and I sell all my dolls as found.  The person I purchased it from said it was like this when she bought it as well.

Condition:  Body is very good with original paint and only a few minor flakes on backs of heels and a teeny crack on one wrist; head has a hairline crack which runs diagonally from center of forehead to right ear (see close-ups).

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$1,500 includes s/h*


Heubach Koppelsdorf Doll

rosette Heubach Koppelsdorf Bent Limb Baby #321

11", Heubach-Koppelsdorf  porcelain doll #321 with bent limb composition body, beautiful blue sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth. Adorable expression with a dimple on her chin. Old lace trimmed nightie may or may not be original to the doll but fits nicely.  Porcelain socket head is in perfect condition (head top is open). The bent limb compo jointed body does have a bit of peeling on one arm, left thumb tip is flaked, but other than that it is pretty good. Marked 321 and 12/o, Heubach Koppelsdorf, Germany. Please see all pictures for lots of close-ups.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$550 includes s/h*


Schoenhut Wooden Doll

rosette Schoenhut Bent-Limb 5-Pc. Jointed Wooden Pouty Baby Doll, Original Label on Back dated 1911

15", old clothes and shoes (not sure if original or not), wig is glued on and is more than like an early add-on by some little girl who wanted her baby to grow up. Body is all original with paint in pretty good shape for age of this doll (dated 1911) with substantial crazing.  There is a crack on one ankle (see close-ups) ... this is apparently a common issue as I have seen this exact same thing in others.  The ankle is not loose, though, and is still attached securely.  Very cute pouty expression!


(Click on pic for more photos.)

$250 includes s/h*


Armand Marseille Doll

rosette Armand Marseille #1894  Doll

14", porcelain socket head, sleep eyes, open mouth, composition body.  Clothes appear to be original or, if not, are very old and fit perfectly.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$350 includes s/h*


Schoneau-Hoffmeister Doll

rosette Schoneau-Hoffmeister #1906 Child Doll

31" #1906 child doll, dolly face, old clothes, no shoes. Gorgeous long curly wig (see more photos for close-up), beautiful condition! Porcelain socket head, open mouth, sleep eyes, jointed composition body, possibly repainted but as found.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$1,495 includes s/h*


J.D. Kestner Doll

rosette J. D. Kestner #226 Character Baby

J. D. Kestner #226 20" porcelain character baby, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth, composition bent-limb baby body.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$1,195 includes s/h*


Mon Cheri Doll

rosette French "Mon Cheri" Porcelain Doll by Leon Prieur

"Mon Cheri" 16" porcelain doll by Leon Prieur, Made in Paris. Doll is wearing an old dress but is not original to the doll.  Shoes are also old but probably not original ... laces have been replaced.  Hose are newer as is wig.  Eyes are original and are sleep eyes (show some wear when closed ... see close-up photos).  One hand has been repaired many, many years ago (long before she came to us) and we are leaving her this way.  All else on the doll is in original condition.  The underwear she has on is antique and is more than likely original to the doll.  Ears are pierced but earrings are not original.  Body is composition and arms are wood; sleep eyes' open mouth.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$650 includes s/h*


Heubach Laughing Baby Doll

rosette Heubach #8306 Laughing Baby Porcelain Doll

13-1/2", painted face, original clothes. Doll head has no cracks or repairs.  It has been both backlit and blacklit to check.  Shoes and socks appear to be original ... I have not tried to remove them as I don't want to risk tearing the ribbons or shoes.  All ribbons are a pale blue.  One thumb tip has a small paint rub but is not a chip.  This is a beautiful doll in excellent original condition.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$850 includes s/h*


Miss Revlon Vinyl Doll

rosette Miss Revlon Vinyl Doll by Ideal

18", original hairdo, earrings, necklace, shoes, underwear, slip and dress.  In excellent condition!  Lovely blue eyes. Vinyl and hard plastic, sleep eyes.

(Click on pic for more photos.)

$175 includes s/h*


*Shipping and handling included within Continental U.S.

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